Market your Ecommerce store

Sell The Right Product To The Right Audience

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Increase Customer Loyalty n' Boost Sales!

Exclusive Marketing

Offer, Discount & Coupons

To increase more sales, the admin runs a few promotions such as free shipment, discount, or coupon on limited purchase values.

Social Channels

Admin can connect website feeds with social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) to increase conversion and engagements.

Customer Loyalty Program

Win-back lost customers by enhancing customers' lifetime value with profitability implementing loyalty programs (rewards, free merchandise, coupons) for your Ecommerce store.

Fast & Free Shipping Profitability

The holy grail of success for every Ecommerce business is considered to be Free shipping promotion. Whether it’s dropshipping or order fulfillment, free shipping on certain limitations would reduce cart abandonment and repeat sales.

Eye-catchy Contents Captivating Customers!

Content Marketing

Manage Blogs

Attract more customers by adding or scheduling several articles and blog posts based on your E-commerce products, tags.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank your store on search engines (Google, Bing) by adding or improvising effective metadata descriptions for products and categories.

Mail Content Optimization

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by sharing effective, promising mail subjects on follow-ups, welcoming shoppers, order confirmation, shipping information, package delivered, special promotions, etc.

Manage Customer Stories

Boost sales and customer trust displaying customer stories (google reviews, product comments, video testimonials, case studies) on your site homepage, build separate landing page, or share them on social channels.

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