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Page Builder

GoKommerce offers full-fledged Ecommerce CMS platforms with powerful plugins and addons used to create or customize your online store for better customer interaction. Our cloud-based web and mobile solutions are coupled with flexible page builders helping admin or seller to personalize their online store anytime seamlessly.

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  • Responsive templates
  • Slider customization
  • Upload image or video file
  • CSS/HTML modifying
  • Embed discount products
  • Ad banners
  • Blog creation
  • Technical support
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Product Management

Maximize business ROI, brand trust, product visibility, and user shopping experience with our effective ERP-based Ecommerce product catalog management software. Present your physical or digital products in a very authoritative manner by adding multiple images per product, categorizing variants (size, color, quantity), enable wishlist or discount options, customizing product description and attributes easily.

  • Add, edit, delete products
  • Upload image or video files
  • Display product variants
  • Drag and drop categories
  • Brand search filters
  • Product comparisons
  • Showcase description & Attributes
  • Customizable Pricing
  • Product discounts
  • Enquiry & Wishlist Options

Order Management

Ecommerce or multi-channel marketplace, GoKommerce cloud-based order management system helps you streamline and automate your entire order processing flow reducing human-errors, saving time, boosting sales, and delivering high-quality customer service. Manage customer orders manually, control order discounts, shipping rate, tax inclusion, and automated order invoice or notifications are sent to customers for transparent service.

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  • Single page checkout
  • Order discount & tax
  • Order confirmation/cancellation
  • Automated invoice
  • Multi-payment support
  • Order shipment & tracking
  • Integrated shipping
  • Order delivered or completed
  • Re-ordering
  • Order return/refund support
  • Automated SMS & email notifications
  • Abandoned cart recovery
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Payment Options

Whether it's a traditional brick and mortar shop or online store, a secure payment process is the biggest concern for every merchant or seller in today's trend. GoKommerce provides trustworthy multiple payment integrations that accept both online and offline transaction mode. Transfer of funds between buyer and seller is authorized with a secure verification system giving users the confidence to continue shopping online.

  • Online payment choices
  • COD payments
  • Customized Checkout
  • eWallet support

Turbo-Charged SEO

You may have set up your Ecommerce website but for a long-term business strategy and site traffic, you need white hat SEO technique to rank among competitors. GoKommerce offers the most effective, affordable in-built search engine optimization feature to support your online store sales, enhance organic visibility and revenue.

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  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Quality image with alt text
  • Engaging Keywords
  • Optimize title tag
  • Metadata & description
  • Internal link building
  • SEO campaign
  • Generate sitemap
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Promotion & Marketing

Promoting your online store and driving more sales for under-performing products is now possible with our effective Ecommerce marketing techniques. With GoKommerce tools, you can easily handle product discounts, coupons or promo codes, promotions, etc. You can personalize customers based on their specific category interest and start promoting via newsletters or banners.

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Email segmentation
  • Bulk email marketing
  • Cart abandonment alerts
  • Survey, review, testimonials
  • Content or video promotions
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Free shipping offer

Easy-To-Use Checkout

Having a great convenient checkout process for your online store, is the best way to drive sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment. GoKommerce offers a single-page express cart checkout widget for your customers to easily add, remove or revise products. Once discounts or coupon codes are combined to purchase items, customers can easily place their orders selecting respective shipping, payment choices and continue shopping.

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  • Shopping Cart review
  • Delayed account creation
  • Billing Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Shipping method
  • Payment options
  • Order confirmation
  • Order tracking
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Analytics & Reporting

Every merchant or seller needs to have an overview of his/her marketing and sales activities to improve success strategy. GoKommerce offers a powerful in-built analytic and reporting suite that helps admin track their customer purchase, marketing conversion, sales refund list, total revenue weekly or monthly, etc. An overview of your business performance and user shopping behavior analysis are displayed in the dashboard for easy-monitoring.

  • Marketing reports
  • Best-selling products
  • Product stock level
  • Total sales revenue
  • Total sales refunded
  • New or retained customers
  • Cart abandonment list
  • Google analytics Integration

Mobile Friendly Support

As millions of shoppers go for smart devices, GoKommerce supports your online store with responsive mobile applications strengthening the relationship between brand and customers. We enable cost-effective Android and iOS apps for your business customized with features, plugins, and attractive themes giving users the best shopping experience.

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  • Loyalty program
  • Product comparison
  • One-click ordering
  • Easy payment
  • SMS, Push notifications
  • GPS navigation
  • Advanced support
  • Whatsapp Chat integration
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Social Media Integration

GoKommerce provides the best omni-channel Ecommerce platform with proven social media integrations like Facebook, Whatsapp to share and promote your products or services online seamlessly enhancing sales and customer base.

  • Upload products
  • Website redirecting
  • Review & Comments
  • Live chat support

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