Single platform to
manage everything

Manage Your Entire Online Business at Ease!

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Centralize Orders, Drive Growth & Satisfy Customers!

Omni-Channel Order Managing

Advanced Order Management

Unify and modify multiple orders at a single online portal.

Order Splitting

Split complex orders to multiple shipments based on geo-location.

Manage Inventory

Manage your product stock levels and avoid overselling by enabling a robust inventory track plugin.

Delight Customer

Empower customer engagement and trust via loyalty programs, speedy shipment, and refund.

Accelerate Easy Payment Integration System!

Reliable Checkout & Payment

Optimize Checkout

Customers can easily place their orders in two-steps which automatically generates more sales and income.

Payment Processing

Secure, speedy, and seamless online payment experience for customers.

Payment Methods

Online (RazorPay, Stripe, Credit Card) and offline (COD) payment methods are available.

eCommerce Shipping

Customer discount shipping, order fulfillment, and return completion are managed.

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